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Legend Fitness is one of the world's fastest growing Fitness equipment manufacturer. 


Based in Knoxville Tennessee, Legend has been providing quality US-MADE ALL AMERICAN Plate Loaded & Pin Selected Machines, Racks and Benches to the US Armed Forces, Elite Sports Teams, D1 Universities, High Schools and gyms all over the world. 

In 2015 Legend Fitness grew 500% which is a testament to its quality and value. 

If you want your gym kitted out with American made Gym equipment that is total value for your money then contact us now! 


Sorinex Exercise Equipment is who you go to when you need Strength and conditioning solutions that no one else can give. 


For 40 years Sorinex has been setting up custom / purpose built facilities for the US' elite , premier, cream of the cream. 


Based in Lexington, North Carolina - Sorinex prides itself in being an all-American company kitting out specialist military gyms, Pro athletic teams and top tier educational institutions. 


If you have a facility in mind and can't find anyone who can build it then give us a call.  We will.

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