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Just Move! When we were children we moved like nature intended us to, fluid movements, flexible and Free. 


Growing up we put ourselves into fixed unnatural patterns which gave rise to chronic pain and reduced mobility. 


At Movestrong they decided to break the pattern. Movestrong creates functional equipment designed to free your body. From Calisthenic rigs to outdoor obstacle courses. They design movement. 


Do you want to move?  Get in touch today!

American Barbell Upgraded.png

American Barbell has been in the fitness accessories business since the 1990s.  Owned by industry pioneer Phil Patti, they have been designing and creating barbells, bumper plates, dumbbells unmatched in quality but easy on the wallet. 

After all that is innovation: to create the best that everyone has access to. 

Today, American Barbell is one of the fastest growing Crossfit Equipment brands around the world. Quality functional fitness equipment designed to last from the barbell to the lacrosse ball, American barbell has it all. 

Want to know more ? Get in touch today.

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