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Brace yourself for a battle cry, because you're about to enter the Spartan arena of success! Here, we proudly display the victories of our clients – the inspiring transformations, the shattered personal bests, and the conquered fitness goals. Dive in and witness the Spartan spirit come alive, proving that anything is achievable with dedication and the right support by your side.

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Location : UAE, Abu Dhabi

Scope of Work : Strength and functional equipment supply, Indoor Flooring, Custom Sled Turf, Combat Area Flooring and Custom Wall pads, Custom Cages and Platform

Year : 2023

Train Galleria mall Abu Dhabi  Legend fitness equipment and ecore flooring

Country : Qatar
Scope of work : Strength and functional equipment supply

Year : 2023

Adrenaline Gym

Country : Qatar
Scope of work : Versa Climbers  and Flooring

Year : 2022,2023

BXR Doha
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